Amazing Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Nostalgic about shared lunches and office gossip? Want an office space without the rent pay hazzle? The newness of working from home wearing thin? You’re not alone! These are common sentiments that many employees house these days. It’s been more than half a year, and the same four walls have started feeling like a coup. 

Senate Space offers you the boon to the bane. We offer co-working spaces. Here’s four sweet advantages of coworking spaces. 

Boost in Productivity


productivity at workspace

It’s always important to “get into the zone.” Coworking spaces offer that advantage. One of the best psychological triggers is to have an assigned space for work. 

A table, a desk, a space that you use just for work. More than that, a space where you are allowed to work with no distractions. This is a huge advantage coworking space at Senate Space offers. 

We know you love your children, plants & responsibilities, but we also know you need your work time. Senate Space’s coworking space offers you the productive bubble you need.

Boost in Creativity


creativity at workspace

Creativity gets triggered with change. 25 minutes of work with a 10 minutes of break can make you more productive than pushing yourself to an hour of droning. This is the pomodoro technique. 

Well, how about moving your work to a new environment entirely, and having the option to go for a walk in a beautiful park or coffee whenever? That’s the advantage of Senate Space’s coworking space.

Hit ‘Refresh’ on your mental tabs. 

Get that Professional Touch


help startups and small businesses

A stellar advantage of coworking space is the touch of professionalism. You could be a solopreneur, be a small business or freelancer, but leaving a good impression on clients is important.

Senate Space’s coworking space allows you that flexibility. You could schedule meetings, hold conferences, conduct training workshops. This beats meeting in crowded cafes or trying to find spaces in parks. It definitely doesn’t sound appealing to shout business ideas over coffee orders. We got you. 

Networking pronto


networking among coworkers

The Internet gives you everything – yes. But profile pictures do not offer the dynamics that actual face-to-face conversations can. 

The ability to meet people and connect with them is the final advantage of coworking spaces that make what we do at Senate Space super important. 

You probably wouldn’t have run into John who has a brilliant UX designing eye if he wasn’t sitting across you at Senate Space. All you needed was to grab lunch at the many cafes next to Senate Space and there’s a relationship built – easy! 

Coworking spaces are also ridiculously brilliant networking spaces because they often conduct events. We all know social events are prime spots to meet people and LinkedIn your network. 



Senate Space’s mission is to make sure that whether pandemic or not, you are able to put at least 1% more work in every single day. In this article, we discussed the advantages of coworking spaces which the Senate Space offers. Which do you agree with? Drop your comments below.

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